MalloRca Commercial Real Estate Advisory

Your concierge for exclusive real estate investments
360 Expert Commercial Real Estate Services
With full access to our team of trusted lawyers, engineers, interior designers, and other commercial real estate experts, Mallorca Commercial Real Estate Advisory can help materialize your vision for your new property.
Hands-on Process & Assistance
Our partners communicate with you directly, ensuring a bespoke experience based on your goals and preferences.  Offering 1 on 1 personalized property consulting, we are invested in your success.
Renowned throughout the UAE
Boasting an immaculate record amongst the most exclusive top-tier clients, we’re the leading freehold real estate investment advisory firm in the UAE, trusted by the world’s most prestigious commercial investors and property owners.
By aligning our unique skills and blending strategies to meet the needs of our HNI customers, Mallorca Commercial Real Estate Advisory, based in Dubai, is able to deliver what few can deliver: impeccable, large property deals with a complete turnkey solution - from start to finish!
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More about

Trusted Real Estate Investment Consultants

With over 11 billion AED in large commercial real estate deals transacted – the vast majority completed in the wake of the 2009 global economic recession – we've proven our property consulting and investment capabilities time and time again, with an award-winning reputation that continues to grow.
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Featuring our Premier Portfolio

Supporting the goals and ambitions of our prestigious clients, Mallorca Commercial Real Estate Advisory’s properties each have their own unique design aesthetic, providing an aspirational lifestyle within a thriving community, supported by our “Community Management Team.”  We believe that no dream is out of reach, nor project too big, corroborated by our impressive, privately held portfolio.

Partners & Clients

In proud collaboration with the world’s leading companies and commercial real estate professionals, our brokerage is able to provide unapparelled services and solutions to meet the goals and needs of the most elite clients
Investment Rules & recomendations

Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing in UAE

This report provides insights into why investors should consider investing in a UAE property today and how it can be done easily and conveniently.
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With over 20 years of renown commercial real estate experience, our team of industry experts has been carefully assembled to not only meet the needs of our clients, but to far exceed their goals and expectations, providing comprehensive support and solutions every step of the way
Privacy is important to my company. How does Mallorca Commercial Real Estate Advisory maintain company discretion and confidentiality?
If, for example I’m a developer inquiring about land in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, what are some of the ways Mallorca Commercial Real Estate Advisory can assist me?
What sets you, and Mallorca Commercial Real Estate Advisory, apart from all the other property investment strategists in the UAE?
In addition to large real estate transactions, does Mallorca Commercial Real Estate Advisory also provided property evaluation and legal services, perhaps to an entrepreneur or organization that already owns a property but wishes to gain insight on their net value and investment strategies?
Are there any unique challenges for GCC-based clients seeking to acquire property in Europe?
What's the best way to begin working with Mallorca Commercial Real Estate Advisory?

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